Information of declared products last updated: 21-11-2017.Databladsøk hos systemleverandør

The Product Information Bank (PIB) is an official website for efficient exchange of information of chemical products at the Norwegian market. The intention is to distribute information of Health, Security and Environmental (HSE) properties of chemical products to achieve a reduction in the use of hazardous chemicals.

In PIB you can find public HSE-information about chemical products declared to the Product Register in the Norwegian Environmental Agency. In addition you can find some of the safety data sheets (in Norwegian only) and ecolabels registered by the suppliers.

To find information about a specific product or a group of products you can search on the PIB-website by the product name or the registration number. A registration number is an unambiguous number for the product in the Norwegian Product Register.

To find information about a Company, type the name of the company and mark Company instead of Product under the Search Field before searching. A list of the product declaration status for a company, with registration number, product name and declaration status, is available by choosing the name of the company in the drop down box under the Search Field.

Please be aware that chemicals with specific confidential information will still not be listed on this website. Information about the registration of these chemicals will be provided by your executive officer in the Norwegian Environmental Agency.

The suppliers are responsible for the quality of the safety data sheets.

We regret that only a limited part of PIB is available in English.